Saturday, 19 November 2016

My new nuclear powered bug zapper.

Bug Zappers! 

So at night time we are over run with moths down here by the edge of the swamp. 

So I ventured to the Hendra hardware store and bought a zapper. Trouble is, we have so many moths that they basically short out the zapper.. so it doesn't zap no more. 

The great guy at the store changed the unit over 3 times... and each time we got the same result. Then he suggested a unit made for acreage. 

Yes.. get me one please. 


What a difference! 

This sucker totally nukes them. 

My mate Russell came for dinner last night! 

He was impressed with the unit too! He christened it Frank! 

As in Frank Zapper! 

We also toasted two little Geckos too last night. 

Bless their little smouldering cotton socks. 

By placing Frank away from the house, our moth intrusion is down to almost zero and the geckos stay away from the doors (ready to run inside) too! What a machine.

Tonight if you look towards Hendra you will see the mushroom cloud as Frank goes to work nuking those moths.