Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016, the year that was!

Well sitting back on a hot day on the first day of 2017, my mind is thinking about the year that was. Sometimes I wonder how we all do so much in just 365 days.

First of all, this was for us the first year in our new home. We actually shifted in at midnight on December 18, 2015. Home was not completely finished.. no pool for last Christmas, but we loved it. And we still love it. Not a day goes by when one of us doesn't say, "I cannot believe this is our home!" We love the clean look, the tightly closing doors, lack of bugs inside, the air conditioning and we just love our pool. (Going to jump is a soon as I finish this).

Debra loves her end of the media room with her big TV and I love the other end.. my studio!

Well on the way!

Finished.. expecting Angela.. so Scottish flag flying on the day!

Local Councillor David McLachlan is a good friend so when he called on us for some pictures, we were happy to front up with a camera or two!

Fixing the roads in David's patch.

There is that CAT machine again.

At a new tyre store being built.

So 2016 rolled along, Deb busy at her shop and me making pictures for clients. Then older brother Max turned 80... wow I remember his 50th like it was yesterday, so off to the Sunshine Coast we go to celebrate.

Me, Paul, Max & Peter Collins. The Auto electricians are ageing.

No sooner have we fished eating Max's Birthday cake and I am off with great mate Gregor for an adventure ride to visit Boeings and Dinosaurs.

T minus 10 minutes to lift off!

It was a great trip filled with unexpected adventure.. like me coming to grief on wet clay on Fat Max. You can read about it all here if you are so inclined.

Back in Brisbane with my knee on the mend the year keeps ticking by.. Deb thinks that Hawaii would be a great spot for a week of R&R with good travel mates Mark & Libby.. so the planning starts.

Meanwhile, July 4 is creeping up so we decide to do a "Clayfield Studio says G'Day USA" at Grant Street. A lazy Sunday afternoon with hotdogs, spare ribs, Budweiser, Pepsi, Coke and Dr Pepper ensues. Lots of fun and Captain Ben even brings his spanking brand new Mustang to complete that USA ambience.

How's this for a Stars and Stripes?

It's all the way with the USA here!

Now is this a Pony Car or what???

But back to work, there are units to photograph and head shots for clients too. Got to keep those coins and cheques rolling in.

One of Devcorp's Projects.

And then I had a project of my own too..... have actually written a magazine article on a garage that pumps your gas. A real 1950s time warp!

Fat Max at Hendra Motors. 

The wonderful guys at Hendra Motors. 

One day melts into another, the weeks pass and before you know it we are Hawaii bound on a big jet. And we just know that with mark & Libby on board we will have a week of fun. Shopping, eating, drinking, sight seeing and on and on it goes... as it always does.

Mark & Libby wanted to buy the car!

The USS Missouri on board which the Japanese signed their surrender.

Mighty Mo and the Arizona Memorial

That famous photo now a sculpture.

Well see are on an island!

Waikiki beach... pure magic.

The bus tour continues.

Hawaii shares its runways with the military.

Pocket rockets waiting to fly!

Eat your heart our Magnum!

Flying over the Arizona Memorial.

All good things must come to an end and so we headed back to Brisbane so I could shoot a job for the Brisbane City Council. I really like working with their team of people; always so polite and appreciate the work the studio does for them too,

Always love this final group shot!

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is an easy person to work with and I photographed  him a few times over the course of the year. Like on this CAT road making machine!

The ever smiling Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

Other adventure rides happened through the year and I had a lot of fun with new neighbour (well we're new) Brian Wakefield and old mates Ian and Gregor.  As well as Brian's brother in law Frank. We did a few trips including visiting Captain Heidi on her farm as part of a loop through Northern New South Wales.

Look like Spitfire pilots waiting for the bell!

Frank and Greg discussing something...

Saddling up!

Outside a magic cafe in NSW

Brian and his slice! MMMMMM!

Cheers Frank!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month also happens in October and as usual Deb and I have a few functions to attend. One of our enduring favourites is the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce.

Debra and the always smiling Jo Hassan

Councillor Norm Wyndham surrounded by beauty yet again!

And before you know it.. Christmas has arrived.

For me this is a time to give thanks to all of those people who have made our lives just so wonderful this past year. To the bride Debra.. I am so thankful to have you as a life partner. Supportive of me and freely give me time to wander off on my bike.. no need to apply for a leave pass in this house.

So from Debra and I to all of our friends and relatives, both here and in the UK.. a big heartfelt thanks for your support and above all else, friendship this past year. We love you all and wish you nothing but many good things in 2017.

Rock on!