Tuesday, 18 June 2013

So I sat down to contemplate being 60...

So I sat down to contemplate being 60... And I thought about all the years that seemingly have rushed by. All the friends I knew, the places I have been and the experiences I have had. I thought about writing a book called... "Mark Taylor, the first 60 years!" My good friend Greg Cary suggested a much better title (Used in this blog.. thanks Greg)

Then I thought about the need to arrange everything in chronological order. And it all sounded too hard. I mean that in my life I can be walking down the street and hear an old song emanating from somebody's window.. and then instantly I am transported back to a particular place and time. And I shall give you an example.. every time I hear Carly Simon singing "Your so vain" instantly I am transported away. It is a Saturday night in early 1973. Gough Whitlam is our new PM and I am driving my Escort 1300 through Paddington on my way to my friend Terry Lewis's birthday party. It is the first time I have ever heard the song. In the car with me is my date, Kay Sharman a student teacher and we both marvel at and fall in love with the song.

As you can see my thoughts fly from my mind at random and so it follows that this blog will be like that  too! Stick around and check back now and then.. you might find it interesting. So the first picture should be my B&W image of Greg at work.. after all he named the blog.. now let's see if I can write it!

(You'll see that this is dated in the future when it was actually written in 2013.. the only way I can keep this at the top of the page)
Greg behind the microphone at 4BC!