Monday, 7 July 2014

Photography: A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

As a Professional Photographer, I get to use a lot of cameras that often make amateurs drool. But the funny thing is; with a few exceptions, I just see them as tools of trade. They don't really get me excited.

Not at all!

After all the thing we want as Professionals is that killer image!

With the digital camera race on in full, I simply upgrade them as time goes by to get bigger files (not really needed in most cases.. but clients like them) and also to get a newer camera body. (Less likelihood of a failure on the job.. is the theory)

Back in the days of film, Pro level 35 mm and medium format cameras were built to a higher standard and designed to go for years. Like my brother's F2 Nikon from 1973, it still works well. (And it has been dropped several times too!) They were tanks. Much tougher than today's digitals. (After all digital cameras don't need to live a long life as technology will make them obsolete before they wear out!)

So a new digital camera around here is nothing special. The come in the door regular as clockwork so a new one arriving is a bit ho hum.


But then today.. IT arrived!

A camera that I have been lusting after for about a year now.

And it is a digital camera that has enthused me as much as my Rolleiflex 6008 Professional back in the last century! Now that was a camera!  A fine German hand made instrument (when it was working) that was engineered and designed with a working photographer in mind. Inserts that could be used either way, no more moving the spool over. Built in dark slide.. I could go on.. but I won't.

No.. today the Fuji X-Pro 1 arrived.

From Fuji's new series of X cameras, this is the supposed Pro model.

But who cares about labels.

Here is a beautiful camera that cries out to be used. It feels good in the hands and with its amazing X series sensor, its low light performance is simply amazing.

This camera is a beautiful thing, it is a joy and it inspires me to go and create great images.

Like no camera before it has.

It is almost like it has a soul and it is communicating with me.

Yes.. I know that sounds weird, but that is how it is.

Hopefully in the coming months I will have some images to share.

In the meantime....

A thing of beauty and a joy forever!

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