Sunday, 7 December 2014

Magic Carpet Ride: Music, the time machine!

So tonight the bride decided she would like chicken for dinner.

A quick run to Poulet Rouge and they have no cooked chickens.. buggar.

So we settled for fish.

Well Debra did.. I had a Chicko Roll!

Remember what AC/DC said.. "it's a long way to the shop if you want a Chicko Roll!"

But on the long way to the shop.. I had the sound system running in the new Calais V.

And what should be playing but Steppenwolf, "Magic Carpet Ride".

So the time machine begins... listening to the 45 on my battery powered stereo record player in my bedroom 46 years ago in 1968. I thought then (as I do now) it was a magic piece of music.. if only my sound system was of a higher quality. Eventually it was with the purchase of a Sansui AU555 amplifier and some quality speakers.

Meanwhile back to today in the disco on wheels that the Calais had become, I thought about the past 46 years again and what had changed in those 4 decades. And as I was in the car, I considered the music itself and how I was enjoying it as I drove along. From a period when only Japanese cars had push button radios as standard, we have come to today....

Thundering along Bonney Avenue Clayfield listening to Steppenwolf being digitally streamed from my iPhone into the Bose sound system in the car and then played to me with such quality that none of my home stereos including my still working Sansui system can replicate at home to the same quality.

It's the same old song with a different quality since we've moved along.

Good one Dr Bose. And good one Mr Holden too!

I still have the 45 some 45 years later!

As my good friend Greg Cary says.. the songs you grew up with become the soundtrack of your life.

You are spot on there Greg old friend!

Let the music play on down the line tonight.. and for a good many more years yet...

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