Thursday, 26 February 2015

Have you written anything lately?

Well that's what my friend said.. and the answer is ... no! My prodigious output of fluff has dried up as we sort out a new home. At last we have a block of land in Hendra and a builder lined up.

At this point I must thank Aaron my local Bank Manager who has been fantastic sorting out all of the details for us to go ahead. I had not realised how stressful this would be.. and they haven't even surveyed the site yet. But this will be a learning curve for both Debra and me.

Our new home (basic plan) will be much smaller than this old rambling Armagh House, but it will be modern with lots of insulation and ducted air conditioning. even into the garage so I may tinker with the bike in comfort. A lot of floor space here is my studio and gallery/sales room.. so we will have a scaled down studio that will double as a home theatre, a client lounge area and a small office. Probably more comfortable for clients that what we have now!

And.. a toilet they can use without having to walk through our kitchen too! Bonus! Add to this a small pool, and a new shed (a bloke has to have a shed) and this should be neat. Of course all of this change will mean Deb needs to drive to work rather than walk... and we do have one slightly used 125 year old house to sell.. but there you have it.

How hard can all of this be?

Yes.. that's what I thought too! I was supposed to be at the movies tonight for a fund raiser with Debra.. but even though I have prepaid to see the Second Best marigold etc.. I just wanted some quiet time to be still!

That's it! I have seemingly forgotten to take time out to be still!

And just to be controversial... here in QLD we now have a Premier and her Government who didn't expect to win and an opposition who didn't expect to lose.

Watching the new government bringing down their budget while keeping all of the election promises of no cuts. no sales of assets and no new charges and/or taxes.. will be interesting.

Yes thats it.. this government may find itself in interesting times!

Lookout Queensland!

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