Friday, 26 June 2015

A new bike for a 12 year old.. and the magic of a handshake!

Funny how random thoughts can run through your head when you are actually trying to focus on something else.

Like this morning....

So I had a client in the studio for some hi key head shots, and it all went very well. So here I am sitting in front of my beloved MAC editing and density correcting images when I suddenly think about my approaching birthday. It's no secret.. 62 on July 3. Wow.. all those years.. where did they go?

And then I remember my 12th birthday... and in fact it was 50 years ago today my dad took my old bike (a hand me down from brother Paul) to Tom Wallace Cycles to have it restored for my 12th birthday.

Tom had been there a long time.. even then!

It is still so clear in my mind. We met Tom himself at the back workshop in the side street where he inspected the bicycle. A Rockhampton bought machine about 10 years old with a coaster/brake hub. Of course I chimed in with.. 3 speed Sturmey Archer gears, dynamo lighting, please... and on it went.

The bike was to be rebuilt, repainted in red with white pinstripes, fitted with new chromed rims, new tyres, new front and back brakes etc. Man.. it was everything a soon to be 12 year old could dream and wish for. So Tom and dad worked out the details like price (above my pay level) and a deal was done. Oh boy!

But my smile soon vanished....

"Now my son turns 12 next weekend.. will the bike be ready by then?" enquired my father.

"I am so sorry Mr Taylor, we are so far behind in the workshop.. best I can offer is two weeks!" lamented Tom Wallace.

Oh no thought me.. two weeks is a bloody lifetime away when you are in the late 11s...

Much to my horror, my father said, "That's fine Tom, a deal is a deal, let's shake on that."

And as soon as they shook hands.. Mr Wallace looked my dad in the eye and said.. "Mark's bike will be ready next Friday morning!"

Now this was right over my head... and when we got home..

"May.. Tom is a Mason!" said dad to mother.

To me it was amazing.... and sure as eggs.. next Friday morning the mighty bike was delivered. Turned out to be a new bike.. not Paul's old one. Talk about fooling me!

Ah.. happy days!

Better get back to these pictures...

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