Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The stupid things you do when you are young!

So back in 1977 I bought a new Daihatsu F20 4WD. ($5500 drive away!) And I had a mate, a lawyer who had a Suzuki LJ550V 4WD.

Moving on... we and our now ex wives decided to drive up to Spicer’s Gap on the Great Divide near Warwick and camp for the night. Now our golden rule was to always use the 4WD’s ability to get way off the road and camp out of sight.

Which we did.

The wind howled that night so after a great meal we had a few wines and hit the sleeping bags about 20:00 Hrs. About 2 hours later I could hear voices. I went to investigate and found my mate was also outside his tent as he could hear them too.  These voices would come and go depending on the wind and we were all getting the willies!

His Suzuki had a CB radio with a PA on it and a horn speaker on the bull bar. So he fires it up and tells the “voices” to come out in the open and “show yourselves”.

No response.... all goes quiet and then we hear the voices again.

By this point the 2 girls want to break camp and piss off home back to Brisbane. But we had all been drinking wine, so not a good idea. 

The next thing my mate has his 22 rifle out from the back of the little car and fires 2 shots into the air!

Bang! Bang!

Freaked me out... but, the voices stopped instantly!

Next morning after a sleepless night we go down the other side of Spicer’s Peak and as we are climbing up out of a creek crossing and on to a flat we come across a gazillion boy scouts camping. Their leader comes over for a chat. We stop and get out of the cars.

He said... “Did you folks camp up there last night?”

“Why, yes we did!”

“Did you hear anything unusual?”

“Well yes we did!”

Well says the Senior Scout... “We had the boys singing around the camp fire last night when we heard two gun shots! So we packed them all off to bed in their tents and stood guard over them. Did you hear the gun shots?”

“Um.. actually no we didn’t!”

Turns out the voices were the scouts singing around the camp fire miles out and below us.

Shit hey! I wonder if they still talk of the night they escaped a certain death from a crazy person in the bush.

Same colour as mine!

My mates was actually a hard top!

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