Monday, 23 December 2013

Life: And so this is Christmas...

As I look at the 2013 calendar on my wall, I think about this past year. While we value every day on planet earth, 2013 isn't one of my favorite years. (I do have favorites.. 1965, 1969, 1972, 1975 etc.. another blog, another day) I guess the end of 2013 isn't good for the Holden workers either. PM Tony Abbott said on election night that "Australia is open for business!" I guess that the bosses at Holden didn't get the memo!

You see 2013 was amongst other things the year of health issues for loved ones and it cast a heavy, gloomy fog over us.

Having said that, the sunny days do outnumber the rainy ones.. but still, this year.. well we will be glad to see the back of 2013 all the same!

Debra and I do believe the good times are worth reflecting on.. and the funny thing is that Deb and I looked at the calendar this morning, one month at a time and talked about about the year just closing... and it did bring a smile to our faces.

A wonderful week spent in Phuket at Anantara resort, the Boutique's first full year at Clayfield, the arrival of a new pup in our life, a trip to Italy for Deb, some trips to NSW for me on the bike. All good fun and the foundation of memories to treasure for us both.

It has been a year of big decisions too.. deciding to sell Armagh House in early 2014 and move to Hendra (somewhere.. it the vendor could make up his/her mind) and a whole lot more that I cannot think of at the moment.

This past year has also been the opportunity to reconnect with old friends whom we haven't seen for some time. The old line of.. "catch up soon in the new year"..... well sometimes it takes over 3 years to make that happen. And this year with efforts from everybody involved we achieved success on this too!

This makes me long for times past.. when none of us were time poor! A simpler time when we just turned up at a friends house for a visit.. there was no need to phone ahead!

Get out of here Mark.. you're showing your age! - Debra

Our year has finished with two young Germans staying with us for a few days. Helmut and Bea are travelling the world on their motorcycles. Their experiences are wonderful to hear about.. and they are great company too. They have moved on due to us having some other guests staying with us.. but are joining with us for lunch on Christmas Day! It should be joyous!

So to all of my readers.. yes you two know who you are.. Deb and I wish you a magic Christmas and a joyous and prosperous new year for 2014!

Merry Christmas.

Chloe on the day she arrived… boot sized!