Thursday, 5 December 2013

Life: The Escort Car Club of QLD and time; the Passing parade.

L-R Mark, Bev & Ray Clarke, Peter Scott, Pam & Fred Saint.
Yesterday I joined with a small family group at the crematorium to say goodbye to Mrs Scott. Mrs Scott was Peter Scott's mother. Peter and I went to primary and then secondary schools together; Boy Scouts and then we both turned up in the Ford Escort Car Club again.. over 40 years ago.

Whenever we visited Peter, his mother always offered a cup of tea and a piece of her famous cakes. (Well I didn't get to be this shape eating diet wafers) It was a different world back then. Most of us drove Escort 1300 models and all dreamed of owning a Lotus Twin cam model.

A few of us made it!  (Me included).

We all saw ourselves in the picture!

These things were incredibly fast and as they weren't all that common, street drags were always a hoot! Nobody could believe that their car was hosed off by an Escort.

The club morphed into the Ford Car Club of QLD. Then as members started to have a family, Escorts gave way to Cortinas and Falcons etc and the years rolled on. Slowly we all started doing other things… we drifted apart.

Time does that!

But for a couple of hours yesterday, some of us were reunited at this funeral. I guess it's the old Weddings and Funerals thing. Peter Scott, me, Fred and Pam Saint, Ray and Bev Clarke and after the funeral we really enjoyed each other's company. Geoff Gay was missing.. but he has been MIA since he got married. To paraphrase the Skyhooks.. "He's staying home on the weekends and doing what he is told!"

So next step I guess would be a reunion.. if we can find the other members. Terry Lewis, David & Karen Winters, John Carnell, Gordon O'Donohue, Rob Hofgesang, Geoff Frohlich.. the names come so easily to mind now as I sit here typing this. Where are you all guys?

Yes.. we must do it before our Zimmer frames are delivered.

Mark in the 1300 at the Torana Car Club gymkhana! 1972

Mark in the Lotus Twin Cam at warp speed in 3rd gear, Clear Mountain. 1975

The Allan Gay / Terry Lewis V6 Capri 1974

Gordon O'Donohue's Cortina 1975