Friday, 17 January 2014

Life: Had a bad trip man!

A bad trip, not like this at all!

So yesterday I had a couple of jobs to shoot. One at Ascot and the other at Toowong. Headed out around 9:45 for the first job… but a couple of hours before that I was using some Insect Surface Spray outside my house!

Big Mistake.

The wind changed and I ended up inhaling a stack of it… apparently. I mean I could smell it.. but a lot must have gone into the lungs.. and my blood stream.

Still, I felt fine and headed off. Job one done and dusted then off to Toowong for job two.

Finished that shoot and headed home. Now this is where it gets weird…..

Move over Mr James Hendrix.. this was one really wild trip!

Either I had a normal drive home and then had this out of brain experience where I relived the drive back while all this weird stuff was happening in my head. I was just out there with all these weird visions and thoughts.

Or.. this all actually happened while I was driving back  home.

Weirdest trip this child of God has ever been on I can tell you!

And I have absolutely no idea which version of this is accurate. Did it happen through the drive or after I arrived home?

Open to conjecture!

Talk about some sort of out of brain experience.

About an hour after I arrived home I was starting to think normally (well sort of) and had myself convinced I must have Alzheimer's Disease and was losing my mind. Now these thoughts really  freaked me out! I could see myself in an institution… not a happy thought. Rang Debra at work and told her I was sure I had some sort of problem with my brain as I couldn't think properly.

My friend Gregor rang me about this time and I had some sort of ramble to him about what was happening.. but I cannot remember it all that clearly now. Then I rang mate Terry and had a chat to him. He cheerfully told me about a mate of his who had Alzheimer's at 61! Great news Terry! Needed to hear that.

Decided to sleep it all off and hit the hay for a few hours until around 4:00 PM.

Woke up feeling a lot better.

Today.. just have a huge hangover style headache!

But.. it's getting better.