Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Politics: Why do the left not understand this...

The Honourable Dr Gary Johns, former cabinet minister in the Keating Government has written an excellent article in this mornings Australian. I have had the opportunity to meet with Gary a few times for coffee and he is just so refreshing to talk to. He has an a amazing way of seeing the issues that confront Australia (on all levels) and coming up with solutions for them.
He addresses the issue of the effects of unlimited immigration to Australia…

SAVING one refugee is humane: saving one million refugees is almost certainly not. Large numbers of refugees, or migrants not carefully chosen, can change the nature of the host country, to its detriment. If Australia were to consist of a mix of Iraqs, Irans, Afghanistans, Syrias, Somalias, it would no longer be Australia.
Refugee advocates can never summon the courage to answer the question of how many is too many. Instead, they hide behind the particular instance, always ignoring the big picture. Governments, on behalf of all Australians, cannot ignore the big picture. The morality of the few is not the same as the morality of the many.
An overly legalistic and generous refugee regime, detached from its consequences, makes Australia vulnerable to large numbers of refugees. The effect, if indeed not the object of refugee advocacy, is to disarm Australia. The law for one creates the problem for many. This is the nub of the issue, and politicians, not lawyers, have a responsibility to solve it."

Dr Johns raises a valid point or two in my opinion. And for the life of me I cannot understand the left's view that we should take more immigrants from the Middle East. Unlike the post war wholesale immigration from Europe, these people (by and large) don't want to became Australians. They want to bring their part of the world (and its troubles with them) to our shores… their "new" country. Look at the riots outside courthouses in Sydney when one of their number is on trial. They are quite open that they do not recognise our laws.. only Sharia Law.

This is not acceptable!


When I was a small boy growing up in Brisbane in the 60s, we had Greeks at West End, Poms at Inala and Italians at New Farm. But now two generations later they have spread all over the state. And a lot of their children have married outside of their own race. I have a sister in law who is the daughter of a Greek immigrant. I went to school with kids of Italian, American, Scottish, Welsh, German and Greek immigrant parents. They have now married.. and married the kids of English or other immigrants or just plain old third generation Australians.

So why cannot the left see that importing immigrants Cart Blanche from countries such as the middle east where the church is the state and there is no separation of powers (and no other religion or belief is tolerated) is asking for trouble in years to come? These people come here to escape the hostilities of home.. but then want to bring it all with them. They will not assimilate and will as Dr Johns says, change Australia forever!

So much for a brand new life!

The other issue is Islamic Misogyny. The way the fundamental Islamics treat their females; wives, sisters and daughters is totally unacceptable in the west. Yet nobody ever seems to raise an objection to that. Why not? Australian women (mostly) would not tolerate being told how to dress by their husbands, to be a non recognisable human form dressed in a black sack! Why don't the women of the left speak up? Look for these couples in your local shopping centre. He will be dressed in smart western designer label clothes.. and she will be a BMO. (Black Moving Object) Why is it that their women cannot dress in smart (modest) western wear? Now I have never read the Koran, but is it a tome of misogyny towards their own women and hate towards all other religions?

Perhaps is it summed up by that great line from The Life Of Brian… 

"God give me the strength to butcher the infidels" ?

Whatever it is.. we don't need it here.

Full stop!

Australia is a great nation that has always worked on the principle of a fair go to all. Come to us from your troubled home land, leave the past behind and join with us.. get in for your chop, work hard and make a new prosperous and above all free and peaceful life for yourself.

In other words.. FIFO!

Fit In or Flick Off!

Is this the future for Australian women when at the beach?