Friday, 31 January 2014

Life: I am amazed how simple thoughts can lead to amazing things!

One of the things that I really dig as I age is the way plans can come together from simple thoughts. In fact sometimes the planning is the best part! I mean.. as a small child, whoever looked at a bird and said.. I wish I could fly. But what about the child who looked at a bird in the sky and asked: How can I fly like a bird? What steps do I need to take to have a flying machine?

Well.. Leonardo Da Vinci springs to mind to start with.

What about architects.. tell them what sort of house you want.. lots of glass.. indoor / outdoor dining  etc. And then they take that nebulous idea of yours and turn it into a plan that builders can follow and hey presto.

There is your dream home!

This is our new home.. once the owner surrenders to our price! It will happen!

I also really admire automotive and aviation engineers. As a young man I repaired a lot of cars when I was an auto electrician .. and I always marvelled at their design. The first time I saw the original Monaro.. I couldn't believe it. How can sheet metal look this good. And when you think about it.. everything that made a Monaro.. I mean everything.. came out of the ground!

Iron ore, sand for the glass windows, vinyl seats from the petroleum industry etc. A shame we cannot plant a Monaro tree!

At 14 I couldn't believe this car was real!

And the what about our own more mundane lives?

Fiddling and designing something in the shed. Either to build myself or have my old mate Don make for me! And usually something for the bike.. such is my hobby!

Don making a tool tube mount for UFO-16. And he's 83 in this shot!

Plan a holiday, a dinner party or whatever. Project planning is something I just love. In 2012 we moved Debra's shop to Clayfield. And we needed to move it with the least amount of loss of retail trade. After all.. cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. So we planned the entire thing.. a calendar full of notes and we made the move on a Friday (after 2 months of fit out) and were open at 09:00 AM on the Monday.

And it all went smoothly.. although we were all stuffed by Sunday night before opening. Did I forget anything (channelling Kevin Rudd here… asking my own questions) well no I didn't! But the thing we didn't allow for, was the handful of customers who verbally abused Debra for having the hide to move her shop an extra 10 minutes drive from their homes! I guess you can't please everybody!

On a more personal level.. we love planning holidays. We open the diary about 8 months into the future.. rule out a week or two and write the destination in it! And with only one exception.. it has worked. This time.. August will see us in Europe. (It's in the diary so it must be true) Debra wants to visit Amoena and Anita (who make the prostheses she supplies to her patients) so we thought why not have a holiday at the same time.

And for me.. well back here in Oz, I want to visit the Snowy Mountains on my bike! Never been there.. plan was for May 2014 but it might well be may 2015 as we save for Europe in 2014!

And I always find that having the picture of what I desire on the fridge is a good way to go. (And no.. it's not a picture of a New York Cheese Cake!) So think of something and make it happen!

My fridge picture.. I will get to the Snowy Mountains!