Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bikes: Another Saturday behind bars is planned!

So, at last  the week's end is approaching faster than a dental appointment. But if the weather holds; well Saturday will be a great day on board Fat Max! My good mate Ian and I are planning a trip out to the bush; for me at least to enjoy a "spiritual recharge" as I call it.

I love the bush!

I love my bike!

And the freedom it gives me!

As Steve McQueen once said, "I am not sure if I am an actor who races or a racer who acts."

SMQ.. a racer who acts, or an actor who races?

So to paraphrase him.. I am not sure whether I am a photographer who rides bikes, or a biker who takes photos"

So true!

But back to our plan.. the original idea was to head to Jimna via Monsidale Road.. an excellent ride for an adventure motorcyclist. And Ian has never  been there before, so it would be great for him. But sadly there is a 4WD event on at Land Cruiser Mountain Park this weekend at Jimna. And what this means to motorcyclists is a never ending stream of lifted Land Cruisers howling down the dirt roads in the area at way over the legal speed limit. 

No place for the likes of us. We're motorcycle cowards!

So instead a gentle ride down the Lion's Road into NSW for breakfast at Ripples and then a back track to go into the Border ranges National Park to get some dirt under our wheels. From there we will cut across to Chiilingham and then the Numinbah Valley on the way home as suggested by Mark Hinchliffe from Motorbikewriter.

Ian on a previous ride around the area.

The thing about the Yamaha Super Tenere is that the further you ride it, the more you want to ride it. It really is a magic all road tourer and now that we have GPS that talks to you through helmet communication, it makes navigation so much easier.

Maximus Obesus in his natural environment!

Of course to have these days away, one needs a sympathetic wife. And luckily I have one. We both believe that oak trees do not grow in each other's shade; so we both take time out to do our own thing! Mine is riding with my mates while dropping her marketing brochures at country hospitals and Deb likes to have weekends away with her girl friends now and then; or take in a movie that I don't want to see. (Actually, I hate going to the movies. People talking, rattling the crisp bags etc. Much rather watch it later on on Apple TV. But that's a story for another day)

So at the close of business today, I shall check the tyre pressures, engine oil level, coolant level, charge up the cameras.. and pray to the weather Gods for a mostly clear run on Saturday.

As Bobby Russell once sang... "Lord let us thank you for Saturdays and may they remain my friends, for I work all week long".... etc.

I'm with you Bobby!

You can see all of the lyrics here and revisit the 70s!

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