Sunday, 27 April 2014

Life: The ties that bind us. (*What the f#@k does that mean?)

Consider a piece of fine cotton thread....  like the type on the reel below...

Could you snap this thread?

So if I was to bind your hands with this thread.... could you break free?

Of course you could dear reader.

But what if I tied your hands together by wrapping them over and over in this same cotton thread. All 100 metres of it until you were bound by a rope of cotton?

Could you snap the cotton and break free?

No.. I didn't think so.

And this is how I view the ties that bind us to our daily lives.. in the sense of where we live, what we do and how we plan for the future.

For example.. Many years ago I was offered a career change to an overseas destination. Effectively  it was mine if I wanted it. All I had to do was say yes. So I paused to consider it all...

If I were to pack up and leave Australia, what would change in my life?

Well .. I have an ageing dog who would not travel well and probably not survive quarantine in a foreign country. So it would mean saying good bye (probably forever) to my pooch that had been part of the family for so long. But yes.. I can manage this. These opportunities don't come along every day. One small strand of cotton thread.. but I could break that one!

And I have an ageing mother.. but hey Brisbane is only 24 hours away by jet so I guess I could manage it. But not being able to see her regularly as she passes through her twilight years would be a negative. But hey.. my career is important to me. Another strand of cotton broken.

My friends... I love my friends. They are so important to me. Over the years they have shared many sunny days with me and seen me through some rainy ones too. Still, they would always be here back in Australia and we would always have that connection.. I think.
Yep.. another strand of cotton broken.

And what about my current career. This new offer is from a corporate head hunter and I am happy where I am; I consider my job a comfortable place to be. It has the familiar fit and feel of an old pair of shoes. But change is something that I should embrace; sometimes it is forced upon us and at other times.. well we should embrace it! We should go for it! Yep.. another cotton strand broken.

And so I work my way through the balance sheet of positives and negatives that will manifest themselves for me (and my family) if I accept one of these 3 positions that are being offered to me.

And the thing is this...

One at a time, I can easily break each strand of cotton and look to this high end change that will come into my life. But when I look at ALL of the changes.. well it then becomes a piece of rope made of lots of strands of individually easily broken cotton.. but for me at least totally unbreakable when they are all woven together.

This is my life!

The ties that bind us... individually they are not a lot.. but together .. very powerful.

The die is cast.. my life is unfolding.. as it should I guess!

Not all change is progress!

* Just for the Captain!

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