Friday, 1 November 2013

Youth: Sunday night dance... 1972

When I was but a callow youth, I used to hang around with a bunch of apprentice auto electricians, medical students, bank tellers and public servants. Every Saturday night we would go to a local pub, listen to the music and drink and dance. Anyhow.. I met this girl .. Jacky! It was a few sweet months! Jacky and I loved to dance on a Saturday night. Her father was the chief chef at the Park Royal. So one Sunday night, the Park Royal had a country and western themed rock and roll night. So we went along. There was to be a dance competition.. and Jacky and i thought we could win. She choreographed a dance routine and we would practise to Crocodile Rock played on a battery powered Panasonic record player (still have it) in the vehicle service bay at Max's Speedo Electric Service. That was where Iworked.. the forerunner to MAX Instruments. Really weird to think that once I could dance. Anyhow.. we won on the night. Of course there was always a photographer there. And.. I thought these photos were long lost.. but found them last Thursday. So.. one is me and Jacky. In the other shot.. L - R. Some guy I don't know, me, Jacky, Lou Weller (bank teller -God's gift to girls.. just ask him) ), his girl friend (name forgotten), Jeanine & Terry Lewis. Jeanine was Terry's girlfriend at the time. Her father owned a chain of chemist shops around Brisbane. So... fast forward from 1972 to 2013 and the only one I still keep in touch with is Terry Lewis. No idea where the others are. Of course neither of us look like those young blokes in the picture any more!