Sunday, 10 November 2013

Experiences: Sexism? Not my daughter's jeans? No! Not my husband's car!

I find it interesting that all people (me included) have these ideas that spring into our minds when we confront or see something we don't expect.

Let me explain…..

When Deb had a "significant" birthday, she asked if we could buy her a car. Of course darling, why not?  Well two conditions were as follows.

1. I want a new car. (She had never had a new car before)

2. I want a sports car.

So deep breath and friendly bank manager and wallah! A shiny new BMW Z4 roadster comes into her life! And she loves it! Even has personalised plates DL-04Z. (Debra Lee and obviously the 04Z from the Z4)

The few times she drove it to functions, the most common questions she was asked were…

1. How fast does it go?

2. Is that your husband's car?

Guess what the gender break down was on the inquirers? Well the men (without exception) asked Deb how fast it could go and it was the WOMEN who asked her if it was her husband's car. In fact it became such a common thing she had our sign writer put a little sign on the back window:

"This is not my husband's car!"

Deb with the fast car and the fast plane! Not Mark's car!