Monday, 4 November 2013

Photography: Well this was a one of a kind bridal shoot!

I photographed weddings for over 33 years.. then gave it away to concentrate on commercial work.

Although having said that, I do have 2 or 3 to shoot next year for close friends. But back in the mid eighties I was as busy as every Saturday.

And there was one wedding that stands out....

It was to be a very small wedding and in fact the bride and groom had no attendants at all! The bride was a tall willowy blond who was stunningly beautiful.

As Philip Marlowe would have said... "To say she had a face that would have stopped a clock would have been to insult her. It would have stopped a runaway horse."

On the day of the big event I arrived at this top floor luxury unit with a stunning view of Brisbane. On my shoulder I had a bag filled with a Bronica 645 camera outfit and 2 x Nikon F3 bodies for candid colour and B&W images. I was a little early.. 5 minutes.

I checked all my gear again and at exactly 14:00.. I pushed the door bell.

In about 30 seconds the door opened.. "Hi Mark.. nearly ready.. can I get an opinion on something please?"

And there before me was this stunning bride.... dressed in a white G String.. and nothing else.

Gees.. I didn't know where to look.. but being a male my autopilot  solved that problem for me!

Her question was.. "Do you think my boobs are perky enough not to wear a bra under my dress?"

So how do you answer that question? I mean they were a superb example of natural non augmented female breasts. At the time I was single (again) and these were the first set of boobs I had seen for a while! On a scale of 1 - 10.. they were definitely a 15!

How about I see you in the dress first I stammered.. so she put the dress on.. and reappeared.. just then the door bell rang.. "That will be my dad.. can you let him in?"

Thank God he wasn't early!

"Well Mark.. what do you think?" she asked me.. in front of her dad.

"You look great! Go with that" I replied.

Her dad looked puzzled... "Well what else could you wear today?" he asked.

The bride looked at me and winked!

That experience will remain forever etched in my memory of all the weddings over the years.